Jewellery should speak to you like kisses of poetry.

Wear your poem today.


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About Poetry Kisses


Make a statement

Jewellery should speak for you like kisses of poetry - unique, memorable, heartfelt reflections of your mind, body and soul. Our pieces are one-of-a-kind, lovingly handmade, wearable  works of art. Wear your poem today.


Unique designs

The design of each piece, utilising locally sourced materials, is inspired by the lively arts of Saint Lucia, the Helen of the West, but the poetry of the entire English-speaking world, from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Derek Walcott.


Our Guarantee

At Poetry Kisses, we treat our customers with positive regard, respect and honour. We work hard to ensure the quality and durability of our jewellery and that our clients will wear each piece with pride. At Poetry Kisses, our clients are members of a unique family of caring, mindful people who love to surround themselves with beauty. 

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Poetry Kisses is the home of lovingly handmade wearable art from Saint Lucia

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Meet jewelry designer Jennifer Jhala St Louis of Poetry Kisses, the home of lovingly handmade wearable art made in Saint Lucia

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