For Proud Owners

Returns Policy


We hope you love your new handcrafted wearable art from Poetry Kisses. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return the item within 14 days of receiving it for an exchange of the item purchased, except on custom-ordered items. The item must be in their original packaging and in perfect, unused condition. We do repairs of pieces, within that 14-day window for a nominal fee. We cannot refund the cost of shipping. 

Please return items to Poetry Kisses in order for your return to be processed along with proof of purchase. 


Caring for your Poetry Kisses piece


Each Poetry Kisses piece is a unique, handcrafted, wearable, work of art and therefore, delicate. 

Store your Poetry Kisses piece in a safe place when not in use and keep it away from extreme temperatures - except pieces which use natural seeds. Those need to be kept in a sealed bag in the freezer to preserve the seeds and prevent insect pests from boring in and destroying the integrity of the piece. 

Keep all pieces away from direct sunlight, water, harsh wind, cleaners and chemicals, knocks and infant children. 

Store your pieces individually to avoid them knocking or scratching one another.

Avoid swimming, bathing or showering in your Poetry Kisses jewellery. 

Chemicals such as detergents and household cleaners may tarnish or weaken the materials and should not be used to clean jewellery.

Some perfumes, lotions, oils, makeup and hairspray may cause tarnishing so put on jewellery after applying these products and remove jewellery before getting changed to avoid it catching and damaging other jewellery or clothes.

It’s not a good idea to wear our pieces when doing household cleaning and heavy tasks. Try not to put excess strain on necklaces, bracelets and sandals.  Our pieces are not made for rough handling. Wipe jewellery clean with a soft cloth after wearing to remove make up, oils and chemical residue.

Some Poetry Kisses pieces have a finish which can wear off with time due to environmental factors, including the pH level of skin in contact with the piece. Please contact us if you would like your jewellery revamped for a fee.